VisioNova makes technical information available – 24/7

VisioNova manages, maintain and distributes ”Life Cycle Information” (LCI) – in other words, up-to-date technical information about all types of industrial facilities throughout their life cycle.

Relevant information available in a due time allows making the right choices from the very beginning of a project, all the way to its conclusion, perhaps decades into the future.

 LCI includes everything from the technical information area, from data requirements, up to tools data and work processes.


LCI consulting, establishment, implementation and streamlining.

data management

Migration and distribution of technical information.                                


Our software designed to handle Life Cycle Information Management


Many hours are lost in the search for relevant information. VisioNova understands the industry and knows how to optimise the information flow and storage.

Cost savings

Significant savings can be achieved through the efficient exchange of information between those who build and modify facilities and those who will operate and maintain them. VisioNova establishes robust information structures that make this all possible.

Better HSE

Technical information that is properly maintained throughout the lifetime of the facility, does not just mean better profitability. It also reduces the potential for undesirable incidents.