The company

VisioNova is a house of expertise, established in 2012

Our competence is found in the minds of our employees. They manifest our quality. 

Our employees are mainly engineers with broad-based experience from the oil and IT sectors. They are highly-qualified professionals who provide our customers with LCI solutions tailored to our activities.

Our company is defined by our shared values. They guide us in how we work as a team and together with our customers. These values are the very foundation for a common success.



Pride comes from doing the right things and then observing that, what we have accomplished, works. Pride is a bonus for us, a bonus that we invest in tomorrow’s performance. Pride is a resource we want to cultivate and grow.


We know that trust is important for our customers, because we rely on it ourselves. Reliability is a driver in our work. Our customers can count on us – always. They can lean on our expertise and deliverables.


We are passionate professionals, committed to achieving excellent outcome, both for our customers and ourselves. We are determined to achieve the goals. We want results. Therefore, we constantly look to the future is why we look to the future, because that is where we are headed.


We are curious and action-oriented. We like to set the bar high, as high as possible. We challenge ourselves and our customers with new ideas and opportunities. We believe that the future is created where technology, intellect and an open mind are not merely allowed but encouraged, and used.


  • Andrey Svetlichny
    Andrey Svetlichny Senior Software Engineer

    +47 413 38 779

  • Anna Czekalska
    Anna Czekalska Sales Project Manager

    +47 465 96 530

  • Asbjørn Mangerud
    Asbjørn Mangerud CTO
  • Deepa Keerthipati
    Deepa Keerthipati Head of Product Maintenance and Support
  • Ellinor Meling
    Ellinor Meling CEO
  • Joachim Keyser
    Joachim Keyser Application Engineer

    +47 988 16 748

  • Jonas Jørgensen Husebø
    Jonas Jørgensen Husebø Application Engineer

    +47 900 33 485

  • Marthe Bratland
    Marthe Bratland Project Engineer
  • Richard Hansen
    Richard Hansen Head of Product Development
  • Safoura Shamsolketabi
    Safoura Shamsolketabi Systems Specialist
  • Torleif Wærstad Utvik
    Torleif Wærstad Utvik Application Engineer