VisioNova Valid

It is our software designed to support all processes associated with development, operations, maintenance and modification of facilities throughout their lifetimes, including removal.

Novelty of this framework is the integration of all systems from multiple suppliers into a single, complete LCI solution. It easily integrates workflow between contractor and developer, that allows for seamless integration between engineering. commissioning, and preparation for operations based on the same documentation, without interrupting each other.

Valid consists of different modules for processing, storing, sharing and quality-assuring of all technical information such as tags, 3D models, documents, instrument databases with associated relational data.

Valid Core

This is the main module, the engine of the system. It is a data warehouse for all modules in Valid. It integrates different technical application such as document systems, 3D models, 2D CAD systems as well as commissioning, maintenance, logistic systems, and more into one, user-friendly interface. 

Valid Core communicates directly with systems like PDMS, SAP, ProArc, and others.

Pros of this solution: no duplication of information, easier and faster retrieval of data across the systems and platforms.

Valid View

This module allows a user to find all relevant data such as documents, drawings and models from different technical application using one, simple interface.

Pros of this solution: easy access to relevant data, user-friendly interface, no need for training due to the built-in extensive video help section.

Valid Management of Change (MOC)

Tag information is the core of the LCI system. With a tag and document register as the foundation, other functionality can easily be implemented.

This module allows to establish and maintain existing tags and all metadata, as well as the relations between them. It is equipped in the automatic scanning of drawings and documents that enables to establish tag-document relations.

Pros of this solution: quick and easy access to all tag-related documents and data; enables other functionalities to be established if needed.

Valid Project

Most of the technical information is established and modified externally. Therefore, it is essential that the information is structured in line with the established standards and guidelines. This module evaluates and prepares large volumes of data and enables further processing and refining of the information in an easy and efficient way.

Pros of this solution: ensure that information from different sources is structured and in line with the established standards and guidelines; quality-assurance according to an Engineering Numbering System.